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Debt under $1,000

March 14th, 2009 at 09:07 am

Wow it seems like this day took forever to get to but It's here. I'm so excited. Everyone says it easy to get into debt and hard to get out of and it takes a min to get into debt and years to get out of it. Both is so true.

4 Responses to “Debt under $1,000”

  1. asmom Says:

    Well done! It's happening for you.

  2. oceansluver78 Says:

    congrats on paying down debt and good luck with bulding your emergency fund! WOO HOO

  3. NJDebbie Says:

    You have done an amazing job paying off your debt. Congrats!

  4. George Webber Says:

    Awesome- I hope many people read this and realize that this goal can be accomplished . I wish everyone luck . Companies that charge interest have made it an art of keeping your money,now it is time for people to learn tobreak this cycle and keep what the earn. Again congrats.

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