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Can't afford to keep my current job.

July 21st, 2014 at 06:38 pm

I'm back...............

I have been doing temp/contractor work for three years now and I can't continue to do so. I don't get any vacation, sick or personal time. I'm not able to get any over time. I'm making less than I was when I work for a company full time. I called to request a raise today since I been with this company for 1 year and I was told they don't have it In their budget. They will have to contact the company I'm working at to see if they can free up some money on there end. Which this company is tight with a dollar so I don't see that going well. It's flexible with allowing me to leave and pick up my child but I don't think I can afford to stay. I have benefits with my husband plan but what if they cut that out next year like most companies are doing. My rent goes up yearly and it's was being to be a struggle to main everything. I have made major changes such as finding a free before and after school program. I have switch telephone providers. I have not turned on my ac but once so far. I paid off my car. I would like to move to a cheaper place but it's not looking good as of now. My finances aren't where they user to be as far as savings etc. I know I have to find something else want to get some positive feedback or other people thoughts.

Yelling Broke.

August 26th, 2013 at 06:21 pm

it's funny how people that work every since day is constantly talking about how broke they are. Even when I was out of a job I was able to pay my bills and save a little bit. How come they can't? I wonder if it because they aren't even trying to save 10 percent of their salaries? I have a sister that complains that she is broke all the time, she doesn't have gas, she can't keep her phone on. she can't pay car repairs. She has changed jobs made more some years than other and she is always complaining and know she got my 16 year old niece doing the same crap. If she would stop buy lottery tickets, going out to eat and waiting her money on name brand clothes, shoes she really can't afford maybe she would be able to put money aside. They are always talking about how rich I am. How stupid could you be I'm work everyday and I save and spend money wisely the majority of the times that not being rich that being a responsible adult that want to have a good life for her family. The way I look at it when you see something in someone and you wish you had it why don't you ask them how they do what they do so well. Take classes, read, go on boards like this to achieve your goals. I hope to raise a money conscience child so we talk about saving and spend wisely and yes at 7 years old I'm signing her up for financial class that is age related. Some people are born savings if you aren't that means you need to learn how to save and learn not to complain while doing so.