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November 9th, 2013 at 12:36 am

I was doing so good and everything is seem to be falling apart. I'm behind on bills I'm draining my savings again. After completing BS 1. I'm trying to stay positive but its getting hard and hard. I know things will get better but Darn I hate feeling like I'm failing at saving and struggling to make ends meat. This didn't even happen when I wasn't working. I know I need to start telling my money where to go and do a weekly budget. I just don't have the excitement for it. I'm very upset about this. Oh well this is life.

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  1. ceejay74 Says:

    I'm so sorry to hear that. Maybe you want to switch up your budgeting system? If you're using debit cards, try envelopes. Just for variety. Or you could try and earn extra money on the side that is just for you to have fun with.

    Hopefully it's just a temporary plateau and you'll get your second wind soon!

  2. baselle Says:

    I'm sorry to hear that too. I remember it was hard early on. Saving then having to pull it back is a sign that you got a bit over ambitious...and remember that at least you had some savings to fall back on. So you should be proud of what you've done.

    Two tricks that I'd try along with ceejay's ideas:
    Try to make a game out of saving in some fashion - the humor/play part can distract you from your troubles.
    I'd double check your routines. Can you substitute something for something cheaper?

  3. Looking Forward Says:

    Hang in there - we've all felt stuck or behind.
    I second the ladies ideas above.
    - I'd try cash only spending, separated out in "budget" evelopes if that helps.
    - Find out where the money is trickling away at.. eating out? shopping? overdraft fees?
    - Can you reduce or cancel any services you get? Like cable, cell phone, gym, etc.

    If it helps, I showed my coworker how to set up a "calendar budget" and it helped her a lot. Here is the post:
    Text is and Link is

  4. fruitbowlk Says:

    Hey yes, I am too ambitious with my saving due to me being scared that I might get laid off for the third time and have no money saved up. I have done a month of not eating out last month. The bills have have are the essential ones. I have had cable in 7 years. My rent have went up and my car insurance has when up. My cell phone bill is way too much i will be switching to another carrier. I think I"m saving too much and shopping for groceries too much. This month I will work on eating what I have in my freezer and cabinets. That should limit my trips to the grocery store. I keep trying different way to see if I can get a hold of my money leaving me unnecessarily. I put all of my bill on my Calendar so I know what due it just makings sure the money is in there. I see a big change when I let the money get deposited and then let the bill come out instead of my start too charge for things I don't really need. I think I need to discipline myself. I so use to spending what and how it want but that's not working. Frown

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