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November 21st, 2013 at 01:14 pm

Hello All,

I have made some changes to make my fiancés better, I have changed my bank that I have been banking at for 15+ years. I had too many savings and checking outs I need to merge them. I also tweaked my savings plan. I read an quote in Money Magazine. If you don't need to spend money don't. So I have decide to try and live by that. Bad habit die hard but being broke isn't an option for me.

2 Responses to “Change”

  1. snafu Says:

    Was it difficult or complicated to change banks? Did you stay with the same institution and change branches or totally change to something new? Did you choose a smaller local or large country-wide? Would you consider using an electronic bank for savings like Ally?

    I'm trying out a Credit Union because they have fewer fees and significantly lower charges for services.

  2. fruitbowlk Says:

    It was easy to change banks I thought I would have some issue but nope. I did everything in less than an hour. I went the credit union route this time. I love online banks I would consider moving to one if this option become not what I'm hoping for.

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